Athena Nike Gallery

3D reconstruction

Above: Reconstruction of
The Temple of Athena
Nike. View from the
Western approach (front)
of the Propylaea.

The reconstruction also
features the North and West
frieze from available research
material at the British

Reconstruction of the
Parapet and Pediment
is based on informed
historical research
at the time.

Below: Sculpting Nike: 3D
polygon mesh created for
the west Acroterion.

Nike portrait 3D

Our reconstruction is as accurate as possible to be. Having said that we are fully aware
that decisions made in the reconstruction process can be contentious. All the current
models featured on the 'nikeisnow' website have been the result of the best research
available at the time to the team.

Below: 2016 NEW RECONSTRUCTION of the Acropolis. This has been modelled with reference
to the most accurate available reference to the team. Our 2016 model has been rendered using
a 'Global Illumination' lighting configuration for Athens. This is for both the 'evening' and early
'morning' series of renders below.




The team has now expand to include specialist architectural and scientific advice from Athens.
Each of our current models will
undergo stages of 'refinement' as each new architectural feature
becomes more accurate. In particular the team will look at the
Propylaea 'ramp', the temple
parapet sculptures, frieze and pediment that will be integral to the accuracy of each and every
feature on our reconstructions.




Making Decisions on colour

How colour is applied to the sculptures on the Parapet - and indeed the whole of Greek 'classical sculpture' is contentious.
How far to proceed? Were only 'subtle' colour effects applied to 'chosen areas' - or was colour applied
to the whole marble area?
Nike is Now will consider all possibilities.

Nike temple reconstructed