Nike at St. Pauls

St Paul's Cathedral in
London has an extensive
collection of famous
individuals sculptured
in marble. Memorials
featuring Nike are on
many sculptures.

St Pauls

The three examples below
reveal a delicate emotional
interplay between the
goddess of Victory (Nike)
and her mortal subjects.

Nike is now would like
to thank St. Pauls for
permission to photograph
and display the sculptures
in our gallery.

St Pauls 01

Monument to Sir Thomas
Picton KGCB (1758-1815)
He was mortally wounded
at the Battle of Waterloo.
Sebastien Gahagan

St. Pauls 03

Monument to Major General
Sir William Ponsonby
(1772-1815) Who fell
in Battle at Waterloo.
William Theed and
Edward Hodges Baily.

St. Pauls 02

Monument to Captain
George Blagdon Westcott.
Fell in the Victory over
the French at Aboukir.
Sculptor: Thomas Banks.


In any European capital city around the world you will find Nike. It is no coincidence
that London, capital city of the United Kingdom and centre of what was the 'Victorian
era' displays this goddess throughout its great metropolis.

Nike Buckingham Palace London 2

On the Victoria monument in front of Buckingham Palace she stands triumphant above queen Victoria, an earthly regent
overseen by the Greek Goddess of victory herself.
Victory of course being the Roman name for Nike - in the empire
that adopted her
as their own, as indeed did the Victorians after them.

The Napoleonic Wars saw the heroes of the British army and navy triumphant. These heroes are celebrated

in sculptures on monuments such as Wellington Arch. Within St. Pauls Cathedral you will find sculptures
of the fallen embraced by 'Victory' (Nike).

Nike St Pauls London
Above: Nike in St. Pauls Cathedral, London.

Nike is on Marble arch. She is on memorials commemorating the first world war as well as more modern examples such
as Selfridges in London. This has 'the queen
of time' an art deco Nike holding a Nike from classical antiquity.

Nike Marble Arch London
Above: Nike Marble Arch, London.

Apothiosis of Nelson
Above: Nike supports Lord Nelson while Athena looks on, Greenwich, London.

Nike Wellington Arch
Above: Nike triumphant on her chariot. Wellington arch memorial, London.

Nike Worldwide

Nike is also found worldwide. On civil war monuments in the USA. War memorials in Canada. Embodied
as Angels of peace from South America to Australia. She even appears in Japan as a manga character.

She is the universal symbol of Victory. On Olympic medals and football trophies. Nike inspired the Rolls
Royce silver lady figurine. She is so ingrained into our world that we forget her classic pedigree. Religions
have adapted her physical attributes into Angels. Nike is the messenger of victory: -  'Angelos'
(from the Greek, meaning messenger).